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UK increases minimum salary requirement for family visa

Updated: Apr 12th, 2024

The UK, on Apr 11, raised the minimum income requirement by 55% for immigrants wishing to bring their family members and dependents to the country on a family visa.

With that, the minimum annual salary to bring family members or dependents into the UK on a family visa has been increased from £18,600 (₹19.40 lakh) to £29,000 (₹30.25 lakh).

The limit is further expected to increase again by early next year, to £38,700 (₹40.39 lakh).

The intent behind the increment in the minimum salary requirement is believed to be a part of the country's effort to reduce the number of migrants arriving on the UK shores.

For that, the government also tightened visa rules earlier this year. The UK home office said the decision was taken by prime minister Rishi Sunak and home secretary James Cleverley to reduce legal migration and reduce the tax burden on the country's taxpayers.

Sunak had said that when the rule was first introduced in the house of commons in December 2023, it was criticised by the opposition. This led to the government choosing to increase the salary cap in two phases, instead of an immediate increase.

Moreover, this move also aims to prevent underpaying of the migrants compared to the UK workers.

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