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Rupala controversy: Kshatriya grand meetup to take place in Rajkot on Apr 14

Updated: Apr 13th, 2024

Before Parshottam Rupala registers himself as the Lok Sabha candidate from the Rajkot assembly seat on Apr 16, the Kshatriyas, demanding the cancellation of his candidature over his controversial remarks about the community, have organised a grand meet, the Mahasammelan, on Apr 14.

The meet-up will take place in Rajkot’s Ratanpar at 5 p.m., and the authorities have already approved the gathering. Before that, Kshatriya core committee leader Karansinh Chavda had said, “This is a social gathering, not a political one. Even if the permissions are not cleared, we will hold the meet-up.”

A total of 1,300 buses and 4,600 cars are expected to bring the Kshatriyas to the venue, with saffron headwear as dress code for men and saffron sarees for women.

In light of the meet-up, all roads leading to Rajkot have amped up security, with DCB, SOG, LCB, and local police with a total personnel strength of 250 officials deployed.

Talking about the meet-up, Karansinh Chavda stated that Rupala had not apologised in the right manner, and it was just a political act. Chavda claimed that Rupala’s words were not convincing, and they did not convey any remorse or sensitivity.

Chavda further stated that we are determined on our cause to oppose Rupala’s candidature. If his ticket is not cancelled, we will discuss the further strategy in the Mahasammelan, said Chavda.

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