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Drugs and liquor worth ₹11.28 cr busted in Ahmedabad in two years

Updated: Feb 12th, 2024

Liquor in Gujarat (img: Freepik)

Although the authorities claim to have built Gujarat as a tall-standing fortress against alcohol and drug menace, the numbers portray that this house of cards has been falling head-first.

As per the ministry of home affairs’ numbers presented in the state assembly, intoxicants worth ₹11.28 cr have been confiscated in the last two years from Ahmedabad, which include large consignments of liquor, charas, marijuana, and other narcotic substances.

Among the liquor busts during this tenure, 2.12 lakh bottles of foreign liquor, 77,006 litres of country liquor, and 22,836 bottles of beer were confiscated.

Meanwhile, the city-wide drug busts included 2,600 kg of mephedrone, 5,737 kg of charas, 87 kg of marijuana, 4 kg of meth, and 590 g of ketamine.

Alongside, 15 g of MD drugs and 8,173 bottles of alcoholic syrup were also held.

These drug and liquor busts indicate an alarming consumption of illegal substances in the city. Bootleggers and drug peddlers have been running organised illicit trades.

The home department has stated that a total of 22,523 perpetrators were nabbed related to these activities, against whom probes were conducted. While 280 accused are still on the run.

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