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Congress suspends Nilesh Kumbhani over suspected BJP connections

Updated: Apr 26th, 2024

Nilesh Kumbhani suspended

In the aftermath of the drama surrounding the rejection of Surat Lok Sabha Congress candidate Nilesh Kumbhani’s nomination form, the Congress disciplinary committee has ordered his suspension today for six years.

Notably, the suspension order cites the reason behind the form rejection saga as Kumbhani’s negligence and his reported mingling with the BJP.

The committee stated in a letter, “In the matter of the rejection of your (Nilesh Kumbhani’s) form, a situation of complete negligence on your part or your collusion with the BJP was clearly visible. Despite this, the disciplinary committee gave you enough time to come forward and present your side under the principles of natural justice. You must be aware that there is a lot of angst among the people of Surat as well as the Congress workers against you. You have been suspiciously absent and have not made any disclosure on your part, so the party has decided to suspend you for six years.”

The letter also mentions, “The party had counted on you to raise your voice as the representative of Patidar communities and other people of Saurashtra who are based in Surat, but you have failed in doing so.”

The disciplinary committee observed, “The rejection of the form is an extremely unfortunate incident. This type of situation is an extremely shameful incident.”

Surat Lok Sabha form rejection saga

The BJP filed a counter-application against Congress candidate Nilesh Kumbhani, which resulted in the cancellation of his nomination form on Apr 21.

After his rejection, eight other candidates withdrew their nominations, leaving BJP’s Mukesh Dalal as the sole remaining candidate for the seat and its imminent winner.

A Congress spokesperson mentioned that four supporters nominated Kumbhani. However, without any prior intimation, all four of them filed affidavits stating false signatures. This could not be a coincidence, said the spokesperson.

They added that Kumbhani was missing for a few hours, and before they could locate him, all the other candidates withdrew their nominations, while Kumbhani’s form was rejected.

Congress leader Nilesh Kumbhani seemed to have ‘vanished’ into thin air after this incident. Kumbhani was not reachable on the phone, raising alarms within his party and among his followers.

On Apr 25, his wife revealed, “My husband is innocent, and he is in Ahmedabad. He will meet with Congress leaders and disclose the entire incident.”

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