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AMC’s heatwave tackling plan ahead of scorching summers

Updated: Apr 5th, 2024

Ahmedabad heat

Ahmedabad has been experiencing some relief from the scorching heat for the past week, with temperatures remaining below 40°C. However, a high possibility of the mercury rising again after three days looms over the city.

To tackle the impending hot days, the Amdavad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has devised remedies that are implemented citywide.

Scorching Ahmedabad heat

On Apr 4, Ahmedabad recorded a maximum temperature of 35.7°C, which is 2.7°C below normal.

The temperature is expected to start rising today, and it is likely to remain between 41°C and 43°C from Apr 8-10.

On the night of Apr 3, Ahmedabad’s minimum temperature rose to 26°C, an increase of 3.5°C. The city’s minimum temperature is expected to remain around 27°C for the next five days, and the city will experience warm nights.

On Apr 4, Rajkot recorded the highest temperature of 38.6°C. Other places where the temperature was above 36°C include Amreli, Vadodara, Chhotaudepur, Surat, Bhavnagar, and Gandhinagar.

City Temperature (°C)
Rajkot 38.6
Amreli 38.2
Vadodara 36.8
Chhotaudepur 36.8
Surat 36.7
Bhavnagar 36.6
Gandhinagar 36.0
Ahmedabad 35.7
Bhuj 33.2
Porbandar 33.0
Kandla 31.3

In addition, a total of 636 cases of heat stroke have been reported in the city in the last nine years. Of these, 41 people have lost their lives.

However, the city has not registered any deaths since 2022.

AMC’s measures to combat heatwave

Under the heatwave action plan implemented by AMC, it has been decided to install green nets at traffic junctions that remain closed for 45 to 60 seconds in the city.

Since January 2024, work has been underway in Ahmedabad as part of a global study by the University of Auckland to understand the long-term impact of the heat wave action plan.

Concluding the meeting of AMC’s standing committee, the chairman said, “AMC will install green nets at four important intersections in the city where the traffic signal remains closed for a long time. Cold water kiosks will be installed in various wards to provide people with cold drinking water. In addition, ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) centres are to be set up at AMC-run urban and community health centres. Drinking water and ORS will also be arranged at AMTS (Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service) and BRTS (Bus Rapid Transport Service) bus stops. Urban health centres will be kept open till 7 p.m.”

Moreover, construction sites in the city will be closed from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

During red and orange alerts, buttermilk will be distributed at various places with the help of voluntary organisations.

All public gardens will be kept open until 11 p.m.

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