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Political legacy & local dynamics dominate Amreli LS seat in Gujarat

Updated: Apr 7th, 2024

In the politically charged atmosphere in Gujarat’s Amreli Lok Sabha seat, the stage is set for a contest between the Bharat Sutariya of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Jenny Thummar of Congress. 

The BJP has fielded Sutariya, the current district panchayat president of Amreli, representing a solid local presence and political pedigree.

Bharat Sutariya, from the Jarakhiya village in Lathi and a member of the Lewa Patidar community, is a farmer with a primary education but has a long-standing commitment to the BJP since 1991.

His political journey includes roles as taluka general secretary, taluka panchayat president, and municipality in-charge, culminating in his current position as district panchayat president.

Sutariya’s selection, however, caused heartburn in the party. Internal strife surfaced when two groups clashed over his candidacy. The incident occurred on Mar 30 after a meeting to resolve the nomination disagreements led by Bhupendra Chudasama, a senior BJP leader. 

BJP’s internal scuffle

Despite the altercation, no police complaint was lodged, and Sutariya remained the party’s candidate, with Chudasama denying any discord. The opposition within the party, notably from the camp of the incumbent BJP MP Naranbhai Kachhadiya, reflects the complex dynamics and factionalism in local politics.

Adding to the narrative, Bharat Kanabar, a former district BJP president, criticised the party’s nomination process on social media, hinting at caste politics and the sidelining of merit.

Congress’ Jenny Thummar aims to recover the Amreli seat, a stronghold her family once held. Daughter of former Congress MP Virji Thummar, Jenny has a political legacy and personal achievements behind her candidacy.

With a background in political science and a successful stint in local politics, Jenny represents a blend of experience and fresh perspective. Her family’s fluctuating fortunes in the region, with her father and mother contesting and losing to BJP’s Kachhadiya in previous elections, add a layer of historical rivalry and personal stakes to her campaign.

The electoral battle in Amreli thus unfolds with deep-rooted political lineages, internal party dynamics, and the overarching theme of caste and meritocracy influencing the candidacies.

Amreli district, in the western part of Gujarat, is one of the state’s 33 administrative divisions. As of the 2011 census, Amreli had a population of 1,514,190, with 22.45 per cent residing in urban areas.

The district is historically and culturally affluent, being the birthplace of notable figures such as Yogiji Maharaj from Dhari, social reformer Danbapu, spiritual leaders like sage Muldas, sage Bhojalrambapa, and sage Muktanand Swami, as well as the magician K Lal. In recent years, Amreli has been evolving into an educational hub, marking its progress in learning and development.

(Source: IANS)

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