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Parshottam Rupala-Paresh Dhanani assets disclosed ahead of LS polls

Updated: Apr 20th, 2024

Rupala-Dhanani asset disclosure

As the Lok Sabha elections are around the corner in Gujarat, a total of 544 candidates have filed their nominations for the 26 constituencies in the state.

Amongst these, Rajkot seat is said to be a battleground where the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) Parshottam Rupala, embroiled in controversies after his statements on the Kshatriya community, is to face his Patidar nemesis, Congress’ Paresh Dhanani.

While Rupala is facing incessant flak from the Kshatriya leaders, Dhanani has received support from several factions of the community.

Both these candidates, having filled out their forms on Apr 19, have also disclosed details of their assets.

Parshottam Rupala’s asset disclosures:

Parshottam Rupala’s shared immovable and movable assets are worth ₹17.43 cr.

Rupala and his wife have assets worth a total of ₹18.52 crores.

His annual income (2022-23) is ₹15.77 lakh, while his wife Savita’s annual income is ₹12.70 lakh.

Rupala has ₹18.89 lakh in cash, while his wife has ₹9.13 lakh in cash.

Rupala possesses 45 g gold worth ₹2.67 lakh, silver articles worth ₹4.07 lakh, and 2.958 kg silver utensils worth ₹1.95 lakh.

His wife Savita possesses 1.390 kg gold worth ₹81.72 lakh, silver articles worth ₹4.53 lakhs, and silver utensils worth ₹1.85 lakhs.

Rupala has mutual funds to his name worth ₹5.08 cr.

Rupala holds Bachelor of Science (BSc) and Bachelor of Education (BEd) degrees.

For personal security, Rupala has a foreign-made revolver worth ₹87,500.

Rupala owns non-agricultural land in his name and joint agricultural land in Amreli in his wife’s name. Alongside, he has land and houses in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar in his wife’s name.

Rupala owns ancestral agricultural land and a house in his native village Ishwariya, and his wife owns a commercial property worth ₹1.69 cr in Ahmedabad.

Rupala and his wife own two plots in Gandhinagar’s Sector 3D valued at an estimated ₹1.93 cr.

Paresh Dhanani’s asset disclosures:

Paresh Dhanani and his wife own immovable property worth ₹1.25 cr.

Dhanani’s total assets amount to ₹1.66 cr. His wife has assets worth ₹43.13 lakh and his children have assets worth ₹5.37 lakh.

His income for the year 2022-23 was ₹12.69 lakh.

Dhanani has movable property worth ₹55.88 lakh, and his wife has movable property worth ₹28.13 lakh.

His wife’s income for the year 2022-23 was ₹4.49 lakh.

Dhanani has cash worth ₹1.40 lakh, while his wife has cash worth ₹1.56 lakh.

Dhanani has a mediclaim policy with a premium of ₹50,332 and an accidental insurance policy with a premium of ₹15,749.

Paresh Dhanani owns 120 g of ancestral inherited gold, valued at ₹7.92 lakh, while his wife owns 260 g of ancestral inherited gold, valued at ₹17.16 lakh. One of his daughters owns 40 g of gold worth ₹2.64 lakh, and the other owns 20 g of gold worth ₹1.32 lakh.

Paresh Dhanani owns a plot in Gandhinagar.

Dhanani has indicated the source of his income from agriculture.

Dhanani owns 375 acres of agricultural land in Chanchai village, valued at ₹9.72 lakh, and land in Chandgadh village, valued at ₹9.30 lakh. He also owns another piece of land in Chanchai village, valued at ₹14.05 lakh.

He also owns land in Amreli valued at ₹15 lakh and another land in the region valued at ₹2.07 lakh.

His wife owns land worth ₹15 lakh in Amreli.

Dhanani has given his wife a loan of ₹1.20 lakh.

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