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Parshottam Rupala apologises to Kshatriya community once again

Updated: May 8th, 2024

The Lok Sabha elections have concluded in Gujarat with low voting and impending danger for the BJP.

Rajkot BJP candidate Parshottam Rupala, embroiled in a statewide controversy leading up to the election, addressed a press conference after the elections. 

He said, “I am solely responsible for the protests that I faced in this election. The party has suffered greatly because of me. I have wasted valuable time with these issues.”

The union minister once again publicly apologised for his remarks on the Kshatriya community that he made in March 2024.

“I am embarrassed to have made such comments. I shouldn’t have made them, and I am the epicentre of this entire backlash,” said Rupala.

Rupala and the BJP have been facing major backlash in the state for the last two months. At a public event, Rupala had commented on the erstwhile kings, saying that they had bowed down to foreign rulers and married their women to them. 

Following that, the Kshatriya community launched ‘Asmita Mahasammelan’ across the state with the aim of voting against the BJP.

After the elections, Kshatriya leader Karansinh Rajput said, “We had only one demand till May 7 and we waited for cancellation of Rupala’s LS candidature. The protests will continue in the state till Rupala holds even an ordinary position in BJP.”        

In a presser after the conclusion of polls, the Kshatriya leaders claimed that BJP will face defeat in seven seats while it will be a tug of war in four other seats.

“In other seats, the BJP’s dream of having the lead of five lakh votes will be shattered. More than 80% voting has taken place in Kshatriya dominated constituencies,” added Kshatriya leaders.

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