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Animal sacrifice in Gulbai Tekra temple, five booked, one caught

Strict action must be taken by the authorities against people involved in animal sacrifice to make sure that such incidents do not repeat

Updated: Apr 18th, 2024

A complaint was filed with the Gujarat University police station against  five, alleging animal sacrifice at a temple in Ahmedabad’s Gulbai Tekra.   

The act was captured on the video by an animal welfare activist, who later complained to the police against the act. According to the complaint, the accused were holding a goat and were sacrificing it for religious purposes on the ‘Ashtami’ of the ongoing Chitra Narvratri.

Animal activist Deepa Joshi at an animal welfare organisation, Namaste Foundation, was on patrol on the night of Apr 16.

For her, the festivals come with a surge in such incidents. 

“Usually on the occasion of Ashtami of Chaitra Navratri, we go out for patrolling to check if there’s not any animal sacrifice,” said Deepa Joshi while talking to Gujarat Samachar.

“While crossing the Gulbai Tekra area, we found a temple where three people were holding a goat and a woman was sacrificing it with a knife, behind the blinds in the temple,” said Joshi, describing her discovery.

The animal activists then went on to file the complaint. The first information report (FIR) was filed by Akash Chavda, another animal activist. 

Talking about calling the police, Joshi said, “The police control vans usually take time to arrive, and on the day, as union home minister Amit Shah was in town, we figured it was better to gather the evidence and then proceed with the authorities.”

Joshi, other activists, and police raided the temple and caught the lady, while other accused fled the scene.

The Gujarat University police has lodged a complaint against five accused and initiated further investigation.

Animal sacrifice prohibited in Gujarat?

For Joshi, the incidents are not one-off. She said, “Despite the law forbidding animal sacrifices, we encounter such incidents every year.”

According to her, it should be the government’s priority to make people aware that animal sacrifice for any purpose, including religious reasons, is illegal. 

“Strict action must be taken by the authorities against people involved in animal sacrifice to make sure that such incidents do not repeat,” said Joshi.

She urged people to notify animal welfare organisations, animal activists, and police if they encounter any incidents of animal sacrifice, animal abuse, or killings.

Animal sacrifices and laws in Gujarat

Outdated Section 28 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, permits the killing of animals for religious purposes. However, several states, such as Gujarat, Kerala, Puducherry, and Rajasthan, have enacted laws prohibiting animal sacrifice in temples and surrounding areas, according to the PETA India website.

Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Telangana also forbid animal sacrifice in public religious spaces or during related events.

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