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400 teachers assigned election duties absent for first camp, notices issued

Updated: Apr 3rd, 2024

A show-cause notice was issued against 400 teacher-employees of the Education Committee in Surat, for not showing up at the camp held for the election-related training camp.

With the Lok Sabha Elections in Gujarat to be held on May 7, Surat Municipal Corporation and the Education Committee had assigned 8,139 of its employees with election duties.

400 of them were no-shows at the event.

Moreover, 150 employees applied to cancel their duties with reasons to get an exemption from election operations.

Some anomalies in the system were also observed, where it was revealed that some employees were assigned multiple operations. An order was issued for the second time to 18 employees for the work related to the implementation of the model code of conduct.

For various election-related operations and polling booth works, Surat Municipal Corporation has deployed 294 Class-II, 3,813 Class-III, and 4,032 Class-IV employees.

With this order, the first phase training camp started on Mar 27 and will conclude on Apr 2.

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