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Gautam Gambhir opens up on SRK as KKR boss: ‘He never questioned my decisions’

Updated: Apr 20th, 2024

Source: IANS

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan, who was last seen in ‘Dunki’ movie, was praised by Gautam Gambhir for being the best team owner in Indian premier League (IPL).

The mentor of SRK’s IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders, Gautam Gambhir, appeared on the podcast ‘Knights Dugout Podcast’ along with Manish Pandey.

During the podcast, Gautam spoke about his journey with KKR and shared that SRK and he never had a cricket conversation except for once during his association with KKR.

He heaped praise on the Bollywood actor and called him the best team owner in the IPL.

Gautam said, “I’ve said numerous times that he (Shah Rukh Khan) is the best owner I’ve ever worked with. I don’t think in the seven years of my captaincy, we had a cricket conversation for seven minutes except for that rough patch when I was on the verge of dropping myself.”

He further mentioned how SRK never lost faith in him as a performer.

Gautam shared, “I went and spoke to him, and the only thing he told me was that, till you are here, you are not going to drop yourself. That’s the only conversation related to cricket that I had with him in seven years. He told me, ‘You won’t drop yourself. Whatever happens, you will play all the games. Then things turned around.”

“Imagine an owner, who himself is such a great achiever, not even talking about cricket. He trusted my decision-making. I’m not saying that in my seven years of being with KKR, I always made the right decision. I have made some of the worst decisions, but he never questioned my decisions,” he added.

(Source: IANS)

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