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Kerala to impart AI training to 80,000 teachers

Updated: Apr 22nd, 2024

Source: IANS

The Kerala government will be sending 80,000 teachers from its secondary school teachers to a three-day AI hands-on training. 

The training is being conducted by Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE).

The AI training will focus on techniques to simplify complex documents in PDFs, images, and videos and to generate concise summaries that retain crucial information and even create new content using AI tools.

Teachers would learn image generation techniques to create and edit subject-specific visuals, transform them into cartoons or paintings, and integrate text with the images.

K. Anvar Sadath, chief executive officer of KITE said this programme will give opportunities to teachers to identify potential risks associated with AI while fostering a culture of responsible AI usage.

“In the training, teachers would also create their own avatars to understand the concept of deep fakes while gaining insights into privacy concerns and algorithm bias,” said Sadath.

Each batch will have 25 teachers who will use their laptops and mobile phones.

A total of 180 master trainers of KITE have already completed one month-long AI training for this.

(Source: IANS)

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