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Eastern Railway turns to AI-based solutions for enhanced safety

Updated: May 18th, 2024

Source: IANS

Eastern Railway (ER) will start using Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based technology to enhance passenger safety, an official said today. 

Eastern Railway Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO) Kaushik Mitra said that among the latest advancements is an AI-driven wheel prediction software for locomotives.

“This software meticulously monitors locomotive wheel dimensions and is set to revolutionise maintenance practices by minimising human error,” he said. 

He said that the wheel prediction software boasts several key features designed to streamline operations and enhance safety.

“Built on a cloud-based platform, using Google Sheets, the software offers a seamless user experience, enabling personnel to input wheel measurements directly from their mobile devices. By analysing the data provided, the software accurately predicts the probable date when flange or root wear will exceed prescribed limits, allowing for timely maintenance interventions,” Kaushik Mitra.

He informed that through precise monitoring and predictive analytics, the software contributes towards extending the lifespan of locomotive wheels, ultimately reducing maintenance costs and enhancing operational efficiency. 

“The software can forecast the probable date when wheels will reach condemnation limits, enabling preemptive actions to be taken,” he said.

Mitra added that by aggregating data across different locomotives, the software facilitates the derivation of average wheel life, aiding in strategic decision-making and resource allocation. 

“The software can also accurately determine the number of locomotives requiring wheel replacement in the near future due to low wheel diameter, enabling proactive maintenance planning,” he said. 

According to a senior railway official in New Delhi, the integration of AI-driven solutions by ER will not only ensure the safety of passengers and personnel but will also optimise operations for enhanced reliability and efficiency.

(This story was taken from a syndicated feed, and edited only for style by Gujarat Samachar Digital staff)

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