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How an Indian-origin couple escaped Sydney stabbing attack

Updated: Apr 14th, 2024

Indian-origin couple 

An Indian-origin couple miraculously escaped the deadly knife attack at a Sydney shopping mall on Apr 13 by hiding in a cardboard box along with other terrified shoppers.

According to media reports, Shoi Ghoshal and Debashis Chakrabarty were at the Westfield shopping centre in Bondi Junction when the attack took place.

As they were inside a store, they noticed something was amiss. Ghoshal shared that people initially believed it was a fire and were rushing into the store.

However, the horrifying truth soon emerged: a man was on a rampage, stabbing people.

“We went into a backroom, a storeroom, and used boxes to barricade ourselves in,” Ghoshal said, estimating that between 20 and 25 people were huddling inside for safety.

The attacker fatally stabbed six people and was later shot by the police in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

According to the New South Wales police, emergency services were pressed into action at Westfield at about 3.30 p.m. (local time) on Apr 13 following reports of multiple people being stabbed.

Local media reported that as many as seven other people were critically injured.

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