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Gujarat’s 5, India’s 91 in Oxford Economics list of top 1,000 cities

Updated: May 22nd, 2024

Global Top Cities

Five cities from Gujarat and 91 Indian cities made it to the list of the largest 1,000 cities list that accounted for 60% of the global GDP, assessing their strengths and weaknesses, as per Oxford Economics report.

From Gujarat, Ahmedabad secured the 654th rank, Surat, Vadodara, Bhavnagar, and Rajkot ranked fairly behind at 799, 806, 910, and 935, respectively.

Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Chennai emerged as the leaders in the country, with ranks of 350, 411, 427, and 472 respectively on the global list.

Oxford Economics report titled ‘Global Cities Index 2024’ ranks 1,000 cities across the world based on several socio-economic factors.

These cities are ranked based on five vivid factors, encompassing their economic as well as social growth. These include economics, human capital, quality of life, environment, and governance.

Global cities on top

New York, London, San Jose, Tokyo, and Paris topped the list with their rankings in successive order.

New York, Los Angeles, and San Jose of the US were at the top of the charts in terms of ‘Economics’.

While London and Tokyo top the list in terms of ‘Human Capital’.

Moreover, Grenoble in France scores highest in the ‘Quality of Life’ category, and Suva, Fiji, leads the rankings in terms of ‘Environment’.

Lastly, leading the Governance category are the three cities in New Zealand: Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington.

Gujarat’s and India’s top cities

Among the cities of Gujarat, with a global rank of 376, Ahmedabad sits pretty at 12th in the ‘Economics’ category across India, with Delhi topping this list with a global rank of 108.

Ahmedabad ranks 7th in the ‘Human Capital’ category with a global rank of 408. This category is also topped by Delhi across India, with a global rank of 51.

In terms of ‘Quality of Life,’ Surat and Bhavnagar rank the highest across Gujarat at 890 and 895, respectively. Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram tops the national list with a global rank of 748.

Rajkot tops Gujarat’s five cities in the ‘Environment’ category, and it strikingly stands ahead of Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai, among others, with a global ranking of 719. Hubli-Dharwad tops this list nationally, with a global ranking of 545.

In the Governance category, all of India’s cities stood at 380.