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EC releases absolute numbers of voters turnout for first five phases

Updated: May 25th, 2024

Voter turnout data

The Election Commission of India today said that they have decided to further expand the format of the release of turnout data to include the absolute number of voters in every parliamentary constituency as it announced these figures for the five phases completed so far.

“The commission feels duly strengthened by the Supreme Court’s observations and verdict on the process of release of turnout data by the Election Commission of India. This brings upon the commission, a higher responsibility to serve the cause of electoral democracy with undeterred resolution,” said the EC.

“The commission has therefore decided to further expand the format of the release of turnout data to include the absolute number of voters in every parliamentary constituency, which of course is discernible parliamentary constituency wise by all citizens themselves by applying the turnout percentage to total electors, both already made available in the public domain,” it added.

Voter turnout data

The absolute number of voter turnout for the first five phases is 507,297,288.

In the first phase of the Lok Sabha polls, the turnout was 110,052,103 (11.005 cr), the second phase witnessed a turnout of 105,830,572 (10.85 cr) voters, the third phase 113,234,676 (11.32 cr), the fourth phase 122,469,319 (12.24 cr) and the fifth phase a 55,710,618 (5.57 cr) turnout.

“The process of collection and storage of votes polled is rigorous, transparent, and participative. The commission and its officials across the states have been disseminating voter turnout data in the best possible manner, taking into account statutory considerations,” the EC said in a statement.

It claimed that the whole exercise of the release of turnout data from the date of commencement of polls on Apr 19 has been accurate, consistent and in accordance with election laws and without any discrepancy whatsoever.

“The Commission has informed in the public domain and also to individual political parties the detailed process of recording and release of turnout data and the manner of custody and usages of form 17C,” it said.

It underlined that there has been no delay in the release of voter turnout data.

Voter turnout data was always available 24X7 on the facilitative Voter Turnout App from 9.30 am on the poll day of each phase.

“The EC publishes estimated voter turnout on two hourly basis till 1730 hrs (5.30 pm). After 1900 hours (7 pm) when the polling parties start arriving, data is continuously updated. By midnight on the poll day, the Voter turnout app will show the best estimated ‘Close of Poll (COP)’ data in percentage form,” it added.

(This story was taken from a syndicated feed, and edited only for style by Gujarat Samachar Digital staff)