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50% of time Indian users pick up their phones out of habit: Report

Updated: Feb 12th, 2024

Smartphone Usage (img: IANS)

One out of two (50%) times Indian users pick up their phones without knowing why they fired up their smartphone, a new report revealed today.

According to a global management consulting firm based in the USA, a typical smartphone user picks up the phone 70-80 times a day.

“In our research, we have seen about 50% of the time consumers do not have clarity on why they pick up the phone - they do it out of habit,” said the lead of the centre for customer insights, India, at the firm.

The findings in the report are based on actual clicks/swaps data of over 1,000 users and in-depth consumer interviews conducted across India.

Moreover, the report found that 45%-50% of the time consumers are very clear on the task to be accomplished, and 5%-10% of the time consumers have partial clarity.

“Smartphones are evolving - the recent spate of discussions in media and at industry events on themes like ‘AI on device’ or ‘app-less experience through Gen AI’ is a testament to that evolution,” said the senior partner and managing director at the firm.

The report also mentioned that Indian smartphone users love to stream video content (short-form/long-form) as 50%-55% of their time is spent on streaming apps, while socialising (texts/calls), shopping, searching (for information on travel, jobs, hobbies etc.) and gaming.

(Source: IANS)

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