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Woman constable alleges misbehaviour by cops, HC orders report

Updated: Apr 21st, 2024

A petition has been filed by a lady head constable in the Gujarat High Court alleging Vadodara police cops of misbehaving with her and her male friend.

The HC has ordered the state director general of police (DGP) and Vadodara police commissioner to submit a detailed report on the matter.

The woman constable has made an allegation against top officials of her police department—Gorwa police station.

“The state DGP and Vadodara police commissioner will have to submit a detailed report on Gorwa police station, including CCTV footage and other materials relating to the case of the petitioner,” said Justice Hasmukh Suthar.

“If the woman constable was physically harassed during the night, it is a matter of disappointment,” added Suthar.

As per the case details, a woman constable was harassed by the Vadodara police cops. The constable and her male friend were standing on a public road (under the jurisdiction of Gorwa police station) on the night of Apr 9 with a car without a number plate. A local LRD (Lok Rakshak Dal) jawan approached them and asked them ‘why there was no number plate on their vehicle’.

The LRD jawan allegedly abused them and demanded ₹10,000. They were then taken to the police station, where the woman constable was put in lock-up without a court order and any crime.

Her male friend’s clothes were allegedly removed, and was beaten up by the police. The police confiscated their phones and circulated some of their photos and videos among the staff. The petitioner has alleged that the police then made indecent demands on her.

Vadodara DCP questioned

The deputy commissioner of police (DCP), Panna Momaya, who was present during the hearing in the High Court, informed the court that an investigation was underway.

However, the Court raised serious questions against DCP, saying, “How far is this kind of behaviour of your department’s male cops towards women cops justified?” “What do you want to say about this kind of irresponsible behaviour of the police officers?”

The High Court had also seriously criticised the DCP for taking statements from the petitioner’s parents and child in this case.

The Gujarat HC has scheduled the next hearing for May 1 and ordered top officials to submit a detailed report.

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