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Who is Tathya Patel, the accused of the accident that killed nine onlookers in Ahmedabad?

Tathya Pragnesh Patel, son of a wealthy builder and a second year college student

Patel’s car rammed into onlookers of another accident, who were trying to help the accident victims

Updated: Jul 22nd, 2023

Updated on July 23, 1 p.m.

Tathya Patel's another accident video surfaces; rams Thar into wall

A viral video has surfaced on social media where accused Tathya Patel is seen driving a Thar jeep with the same '93' number as the Jaguar, into a cafe's wall. No further police action was to be taken after this incident as a settlement of ₹40,000 was done with the cafe owner. It is noteworthy that while a police complaint wasn't lodged, even the complaint registered by the cafe owner to the traffic police has the name of 'Tathya Patel' missing.

Pragnesh Patel pulls all strings to cover son's crime; calls up associates in power

Soon after son Tathya Patel took nine lives with the Jaguar car on ISKCON bridge, father Pragnesh Patel arrived at the scene and allegedly threatened people to back off from assaulting his son. Pragnesh soon took away his son for treatment at CIMS Hospital in near Science City road.

As per the call detail records (CDR) of Pragnesh Patel, many significant heads were rang up on the morning of Jul 20. Calls to IPS officers, political leaders and even calls at chief minister's office were made, and settlement worth crores was offered by Pragnesh to the deceased's kins. Pragnesh also called up many prominent lawyers after the accident took place.

Friends warned Tathya to drive slower

On the night when the accident took place on ISKCON bridge, Tathya Patel was with his friends. They had repeatedly asked Patel to drive slower. But the silver spoon in Tathya's mouth barred the taste of consequence from his life, and thus, the accident took place taking nine innocent lives.

Updated on July 22, 1 p.m.

Tathya Patel, an irresponsible and reckless driver? 

In the ISKCON Bridge accident, it has been revealed that Tathya Patel, the driver, was returning from a cafe with his friends while driving at speeds of around 120 kmph. A viral video of Tathya Patel is circulating on social media, showing him driving hands-free, listening to loud music in the car, and driving recklessly.

Tathya Patel, son of Pragnesh Patel alias Pargnesh Gota

Tathya Pragnesh Patel, son of a wealthy builder and a second year college student, was driving with his friends when he lost control of his overspeeding luxury car, GJ 01 WK 93, leading to the collision.

Patel’s car rammed into onlookers of another accident, who were trying to help the accident victims. 

Tathya Patel was thrashed by enraged bystanders

After the accident, angry eyewitnesses to the incident thrashed Tathya Patel. A viral video of the same is doing the rounds on social media, in which Patel was seen apologising to the bystanders.

Patel resides in a bungalow named 'Hare Shanti' situated in the Gota area in Ahmedabad. Their house is located approximately 700 metres from the SG highway and eight kilometres from the accident site.

His father, Pragnesh Patel has a criminal history, including involvement in a rape case in Rajkot in 2020.

Tathya’s father, a gang rape accused

A complaint was filed in Ahmedabad accusing five individuals, including Pragnesh Patel alias Pragnesh Gota, of gang-raping a girl from Rajkot by promising her a job in a corporate company.

The victim was taken to Mount Abu and then Udaipur, where she was allegedly sexually assaulted after being drugged with a spiked cold drink.

The accused threatened her with video recordings and viral dissemination.

A case was registered at the Mahila West Police Station on Nov 3, 2020, and the investigation was subsequently handed over to the Crime Branch. Pragnesh Patel had previously also been incarcerated in a land-grabbing case.

The accident killed nine and injured many

In a tragic accident, Tathya Patel’s car killed nine people and injured 15-20 people in Ahmedabad at 1.30 a.m. today.

People had gathered to see an accident that had taken place between an SUV and a dumper on a flyover on the SG highway. Patel’s car, reportedly speeding at 160 kmph, rammed into those people, throwing some of them 25 to 30 feet away.

(Source: IANS)

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