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Sardar Sarovar dam overflows for third straight day

Authorities reported an inflow of 5.19 lakh cusecs of water

Updated: Sep 19th, 2023

Source: IANS

The Sardar Sarovar Dam on the Narmada river in Gujarat continued to overflow for the third consecutive day today, setting off alarm bells across the region.

As of this morning, the dam authorities reported an inflow of 5.19 lakh cusecs of water.

In response to this inflow, 3.43 lakh cusecs of water was released into the downstream of the Narmada, with an additional 18,593 cusecs channelled into the Narmada main canal system to support crucial irrigation needs.

In Aakha village of the Junagadh district, the NDRF team sprang into action to carry out daring rescue operations. It resulted in the safe retrieval of a senior citizen and four other villagers stranded at various locations.

On Sept 18, NDRF rescued a total of 157 individuals stranded in low-lying areas of Gujarat’s Aravalli district, all victims of the unrelenting downpour in the region. Lakeshwari village, in particular, received their attention as the NDRF personnel relocated residents to safer grounds.

Meanwhile, chief minister Bhupendra Patel, has affirmed his active coordination with district collectors in areas ravaged by torrential rains.

He reported the deployment of 10 contingents, comprising both NDRF and SDRF personnel, actively engaged in rescue efforts across multiple locations.

A notable achievement has been the successful rescue of over 270 civilians.

Efforts are also underway to clear fallen trees obstructing roadways, expediting the restoration of vehicular traffic. The water levels at Bridge No. 502, spanning Bharuch and Ankleshwar along the Narmada River, have surged to over 40 feet, surpassing the danger mark by nearly 12 feet (28 feet).

This alarming rise has necessitated the suspension of railway operations and the cancellation of at least 18 trains, including the prominent Mumbai-Ahmedabad Tejas Express and Shatabdi Express.

(Source: IANS)

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