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Locals attacking BJP rally in Gujarat? Fake video makes rounds

Updated: Apr 19th, 2024

Fact-checked by BOOM | Edited by Gujarat Samachar Digital

An old video, falsely claiming to capture an attack by the locals in Gujarat on a BJP convoy, made rounds on social media. However, the video was originally from Agra, Uttar Pradesh in 2021, when a clash between supporters of two BJP leaders broke out.

BOOM debunked the same video in 2021 when it was viral with similar false claims. The fact-checker had reached out to the Agra Police social media cell, who confirmed that the clash took place between supporters of two BJP leaders on Dec 7, 2021.

In the video several people can be seen vandalising a convoy of cars with stones and sticks. A few of the vehicles carry BJP’s party flag.

The video is being peddled with a caption, “BJP is in a deep fix as they can’t even campaign now everywhere they are booted out even Gujarat is not safe anymore for BJP karyakartas (workers)”. 

BOOM debunked the same video  when it went viral with a similar false claim in 2021. The fact-checker had then found out that the video was from Agra district in Uttar Pradesh and did not show locals attacking a BJP rally.

It then found that the video captures a clash between supporters of two BJP leaders, former minister Aridaman Singh and ex-block pramukh Sugriv Singh Chauhan, which occurred on Dec 7, 2021.

The Rajasthan Youth Congress had shared an 11-minute video report by ‘The Live TV’, featuring excerpts from the viral video. The report mentioned that the incident took place in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, and emphasised that locals had assaulted a convoy of vehicles in a BJP rally.

Taking a cue, BOOM found a report by InKhabar from Dec 7, 2021, stating that a dozen vehicles were damaged during clashes between the supporters of former minister Aridaman Singh and ex-block pramukh Sugriv Singh Chauhan. According to the report, a brawl happened between supporters of former minister Chauhan and Singh during Singh's bike rally in Pinahat, Agra.

Amar Ujala on Dec 8, 2021, reported that the police had registered a case against 146 named and 200 unknown people, including Singh over the incident.

For further verification, we also reached out to the office of Agra SP Sudhir Kumar Singh, who redirected us to the Agra Police social media cell. When asked, the Agra Police social media cell refuted the viral claim of locals attacking the BJP rally in the video.

An officer from the Agra Police social media cell then told BOOM, “The clash happened on Dec 7, 2021, afternoon between supporters of Chauhan and Singh during a bike rally where there was an argument between both sides. This led to the incident. The convoy was not attacked by locals, it was a clash between party workers”.  

The fact-checker also noted that Agra Police posted a video about the incident from their official X handle on Dec 7, 2021. In the video, the then SP Vikas Kumar stated that a clash took place between two groups in Agra’s Pinahat area, resulting in damage to some vehicles. He also added that video footage had been acquired and legal action would be taken once evidence was gathered.

This story was originally published by BOOM, as part of the Shakti Collective. Except for the headline, excerpt, opening introduction para, this story has not been edited by Gujarat Samachar  Digital staff.

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