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Investors lose ₹35 cr to Nikol-based investment scam

Updated: May 25th, 2024

In a scam, a company claimed to be registered abroad defrauded Indians of crores, promising them high returns on investments.

According to a complaint registered by a Nikol-based senior citizen Khimji Kathiriya with the Crime Investigation Department (CID crime), promoters of Dabeng and Ciscom company promised investors of Gujarat high returns on their investments.

The company, which was based in Nagpur, Mumbai, and Kolhapur, claimed to be registered in Scotland and England and to have millions of members in India.

Investors were promised luxury cars and foreign trips in return for their investment.

The scam involved investors registering online and making investments ranging from 40 pounds to 400 pounds.

The company opened an office at Safal Plaza in Nikol, Ahmedabad, which was operated by Vinay Prajapati and his son- Dhruv. They deployed various agents in Gujarat to bring people into this scheme.

Kathirya, along with other investors, lost over ₹35 crores in this scheme as the promoters were unable to withdraw their money.

The CID Crime is investigating the matter.

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