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Heatwave! At 44 °C, Amreli is India’s hottest district

Updated: Apr 18th, 2024

After a few days of relief in heat due to unseasonal rainfall, Gujarat’s mercury has risen exponentially, with Amreli district being the hottest in the country at 44 °C on Apr 17.

“Severe heat wave conditions are very likely to prevail in Saurashtra’s districts, including Porbandar, Junagadh, and Bhavnagar,” the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said.

Heat wave conditions prevailed in Kutch district, it added.

According to the IMD, a heat wave occurs when the temperature crosses 40 °C in the plains, 37 °C in coastal areas, and 30 °C in the hills, or when the temperature in any given location is 4.5 to 6.4 °C higher than normal. A temperature increase of more than 6.4 °C is marked as a severe heat wave. 

Ahmedabad witnessed a maximum temperature of 41 °C on Apr 17.

While Amreli led the nation with a maximum temperature of 44°C, Rajkot and Vadodara were close behind at 43.8°C, and 43.6 °C, respectively. Surendranagar and Mahuva both recorded a high of 43.4 °C.

In all, the mercury crossed 40°C in 14 Gujarat districts on Apr 17. 

Temperature across Gujarat  

City Temperatures

City Temperature (°C)
Amreli 44°C
Rajkot 43.8°C
Vadodara 43.6°C
Surendranagar 43.4°C
Mahuva 43.4°C
Keshod 42.7°C
Surat 42.1°C
Ahmedabad 42.2°C
Kandla 42.2°C
Junagadh 42.1°C
Bhavnagar 41.7°C
Vallabh Vidyanagar 41.6°C
Nadiad 41.5°C
Ankleshwar 38.6°C

“The temperature may drop in the coming days by 1-2 °C but chances are low of it falling below 40 °C,” said Mahesh Palav, a weatherman at a private weather forecast organization. 

“Gujarat and Rajasthan may witness cloudy weather due to cyclonic circulations but are not likely to witness significantly lower temperatures,” he added.

Protect Yourself This Summer: Tips from IMD

Avoid heat exposure.

Drink sufficient water, even if you are not thirsty. 

Use ORS, homemade drinks like lassi, torani (rice water), lemon water, buttermilk, etc., to keep yourself hydrated. 

Wear lightweight, light-coloured, loose cotton clothes and cover your head.