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Heatstroke cases surge by 100% in Gujarat

Updated: May 25th, 2024

Heat in Gujarat

As the sweltering summer grips Gujarat, the number of heatstroke cases reported with the 108 EMRI emergency service has increased by 100% in the past week.

Heatstroke cases, abdominal pain with vomiting, fever, and dizziness are on the rise in the state.

108 EMRI service received 1,500 calls so far in May, of which more than 1,100 were received from May 16 to 24.

Ahmedabad has recorded the highest number of heatstroke cases, which have catapulted by 100%. Meanwhile, headache, dizziness, diarrhoea, and vomiting cases have also increased by 35%.

On May 24, 41 patients were admitted to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital in Asarwa for treatment through the 108 EMRI service. Two of these patients died during treatment.

The state health department has sought information from the authorities regarding the exact cause of their deaths.

The possibility of an orange-to-red alert has been sounded across the state for the upcoming week. Talking of the preparation, chief Operating Officer (CEO) of 108 EMRI services Jaswant Prajapati said, “Keeping in view the heat-related cases, an additional stock of ORS, oxygen cylinders, and other essential medicines have been stocked in the ambulances.”

Authorities have also cautioned  not to step out if it can be avoided  from 11 am to 6 pm next week. Moreover, Surat, Chhotaudepur, and Navsari also reported an increase in heat-related cases.

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