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Gujarat: Indian Army rescues 12 stranded on Vyas Bet island amid heavy rain

Army was called after Indian Air Force and Coast Guard helicopter couldn't operate dur to bad weather

Updated: Sep 18th, 2023

Image: IANS

The Indian Army saved twelve people, including a saint, who were stranded on Vyas Bet, a small island in the Narmada river near Shinor Talukas Barkal village.

The rescue mission became necessary due to heavy rainfall and waterlogging that had trapped the individuals since Sept 16.

The rescue operation

The rescue operation took place on Sept 17 and the officials are still on standby as the rainfall is on in various parts of Gujarat.

Adverse weather conditions and rapidly rising waters initially thwarted the rescue efforts on Sept 17.

A tough work even for Air Force

Even the Indian Air Force, which was called in for assistance, couldnt conduct the operation due to unfavorable atmospheric conditions. Subsequently, a Coast Guard helicopter arrived from Daman but was unable to take off from the Vadodara base due to the inclement weather.

As a last resort, the Indian Army was summoned to carry out the rescue mission. Before initiating the rescue, Army personnel conducted a reconnaissance mission to identify a suitable location for the operation.

With the help of boats launched from the banks of the Narmada River in Barkal Gam, the Army successfully rescued the stranded individuals, who included four women, two senior citizens, and three children. They were provided with necessary medical assistance. The individuals rescued from Vyas Bet are part of a family of Hindu priests at a local temple.

(Source: IANS)

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