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State govt issues guidelines for the stray cattle after rebuke from the HC

HC ordered the state government to submit its policy for curbing the stray cattle menace in the next hearing on Aug 31

Updated: Aug 25th, 2023

Updated on Aug 25, 11:40 a.m.

The state govt issues guidelines on the stray cattle menace

After the Gujarat HC slammed the government and the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) regarding the stray cattle menace, the state government has buckled up and taken action.

The government issued guidelines on Aug 24 for the stray cattle owners:

- Registration of stray cattle has also been made mandatory

- Cattle without registration will be seized

- A fixed charge will have to be paid for the permission 

- A ban is imposed on selling grass and feeding grass to cattle on public roads. If unregistered cattle are caught grazing on the road, they will be seized.

- Fine of ₹1,000-₹10,000 in the case of cattle roaming without tags

The state government has strictly ordered the municipalities and municipal corporations to implement these guidelines.

The Gujarat high court directed the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) and city traffic police to take strict action against traffic rule violators, especially drunk drivers who overspeed and drive rashly on Aug 9.

The court also asked the authorities to make these elements aware of the behaviour of the ideal citizens. The HC also commented how these elements have found a workaround for the tyre killers for wrong-side drivers and asked the authorities to install CCTV cameras to identify violators.

Following the orders of the Gujarat HC on July 25, the traffic police started a ‘traffic drive’. As per the report submitted by traffic police, 205 people were arrested in cases of drunken driving in just two weeks, out of which 203 vehicles were seized.

The rebuke had come after a tragic accident on SG highway, where Tathya Patel’s speeding car killed nine people and injured 13 others.

According to the report, the authorities told the high court that around 23 tyre killers will be installed at various points across the city, where there is incessant wrong-side driving. Some of these points include SG highway, Naroda, Shastrinagar, Chanakyapuri and Judges Bunglow road.

The bench, comprising justices AS Supehia and MR Mengdey, reportedly said that the numbers of traffic violators were ‘alarming’.

Moreover, the court has ordered the state government to present a policy to curb the stray cattle menace on the streets in the next hearing on Aug 31.

The government also stated that traffic police ordered 14 more towing cranes for two-wheelers and six towing cranes for four-wheelers to work more efficiently.

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