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“Congress in Rajkot would have met same fate as Surat if...” says Cong leader

Updated: Apr 25th, 2024

BJP’s first uncontested Lok Sabha seat has brought a bag of controversies. The Congress has been vocal about a conspiracy behind the Nilesh Kumbhani fiasco, and now, another GOP leader has alleged a similar ‘plan’ for the Rajkot seat, which is currently embroiled in a controversy of its own.

On Apr 20, Congress candidate Nilesh Kumbhani was invalidated and eight other candidates pulled back their names in Surat Lok Sabha constituency, handing over the seat unopposed to Mukesh Dalal of BJP.

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Now, Dr Hemang Vasavada, another Congress leader, reportedly said that Vikram Sorani’s name was recommended for the Rajkot seat by Indranil Rajyaguru, Vashram Sagathiya, and Lalit Kagathara. Vasavada added that, when he termed Sorani a 'non-committal’ Congress leader, he was threatened with non-disciplinary action.

Justifying his stance, Vasavada added that now there have been discussions about Sorani joining the BJP. He stated that if Sorani had been given a chance to contest, the Rajkot seat would have faced a similar fate as Surat’s.

Nilesh Kumbhani’s candidature from Surat was invalidated as his supporters’ signatures were reportedly mismatched. After the incident, Kumbhani has been uncontactable and is facing flak from his party members over the fiasco.

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