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AMC suspends four officials for lapses in Sarkhej community hall project

Updated: Jun 11th, 2024

Amdavad Municipal Corporation (AMC) Commissioner M Thennarasan suspended four municipal officers, including two assistant engineers and two assistant city engineers of Sarkhej ward for the discrepancies found in the records of Sarkhej community hall built at the cost of  ₹13.67 crore.

During an inspection of Sarkhej ward in April, AMC Commissioner Thennarasan demanded various registers and management records of the community hall.

After the investigations of the vigilance department, irresponsibility was reported at the end of four officials.

The AMC has suspended:

Assistant Engineer Grishma Shah (South-West zone)

Assistant Engineer Bipin Chavda (Sarkhej ward)

Assistant City Engineer Dilawar Singh Hathila (North-West zone)

Assistant City Engineer Dhaval Gajjar (South-West zone)

The AMC’s vigilance department investigated the community hall and found that the cube test reports for the work done on the site were not submitted.

In the cube test, a sample of fresh concrete is taken to be cured. Once it is cured, the compressive strength of the concrete is tested in a machine.

Moreover, the quality assurance plan only included concrete and steel (partial) and no other items. 

Additionally, the following other issues were found:

-Mix design aggregates and admixtures were not used according to the mix design.

-Raw material test reports were not certified by the contractor, project management consultant (PMC).

-Out of 39 days of concreting work, the pouring card and RMC register do not mention the name and location of the members who executed the task for 23 days.

The contractor who built the community hall, P Das Infrastructure Pvt Ltd was issued a recovery notice and penalty notice by the AMC.

Whereas, the PMC Technoman Consultant has been terminated, and blacklisted along with a show-cause notice.

Financial irregularities revealed in the investigation

Bill number Permanent recovery Advance payment (lakh) Total (lakh)
Number-1 ₹12.4 lakh ₹0.96 lakh ₹13.37 lakh
Number-2 ₹13.47 lakh ₹18.08 lakh ₹31.52 lakh
Total ₹25.87 lakh ₹19.01 lakh ₹44.89 lakh

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