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Ahmedabad stone-pelting: Did Cong-BJP collude to decide names in FIR?

Updated: Jul 10th, 2024


After Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha Rahul Gandhi made a remark about ‘Hindus’, clashes erupted at the Ahmedabad office of the Gujarat Pradesh Congress, resulting in stone-pelting between BJP and Congress workers.

Political circles are abuzz with talk that the names included in the police complaints after the incident were based on a backroom deal between the BJP city leaders and the city Congress.

It appears that guilty leaders from both parties made innocent workers scapegoats, leading to internal turmoil within both factions.

CCTV footage of the incident clearly shows the involvement of both BJP and Congress leaders along with the workers in the stone-pelting.

Meanwhile, to boost the morale of Congress workers, Rahul Gandhi visited Ahmedabad. At the time there were murmurs that Congress leaders had close ties with the BJP, casting a shadow over Gandhi’s sincere efforts to infuse energy into the cadres. .

After a special NIA (National Investigation Agency) court chargesheet, it has emerged that Congress leader Shailesh Parmar had purportedly sent a video of the stone-pelting incident to BJP’s city president and MLA Amit P Shah. The video allegedly showed Shah’s son being part of the violent mob.

In a game of political back-scratching, the video was allegedly sent with the intention that the BJP does not name Congress leaders in their complaint.

A BJP leader expressed his displeasure in an X post: “Congress MLAs pelted stones at BJP workers who were peacefully protesting. This act exposes the cruel mindset of Congress.”

Notably, a BJP worker who was injured in the stone-pelting is in critical condition at Ahmedabad’s SVP Hospital.

While this has caused discontent among BJP workers towards Shah’s political ‘friendship’  with the Congress, workers of the grand old party are also unhappy with Shailesh Parmar’s shoot-and-scoot tactics.

Reportedly, the entire matter has reached Rahul Gandhi and other top leaders of the party.

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