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Ahmedabad police intercept car with foreign liquor on Vadodara expressway

Updated: May 20th, 2024

Nadiad liquor

Nadiad town police booked three accused over an alleged liquor smuggling racket, including one at Ganesh Chokdi near the Ahmedabad-Vadodara Expressway for carrying liquor worth ₹2.06 lakh in their car.

The car was intercepted by Ahmedabad police and cybercrime branch, who were working on a tip-off.

The authorities received a tip-off about  a Maruti car, loaded with foreign liquor travelling from Modasa to Kapadvanj via Nadiad on the Ahmedabad-Vadodara Expressway.

A watch was set-up near Nadiad’s Ganesh Chokdi. Upon spotting the vehicle approaching from Mahudha village, the police signalled it to stop, but the driver sped away instead.

The police had to pursue the car in a dramatic chase, which ended at the toll plaza near Vadodara. The driver was identified as Chokharam Godra. Upon searching the car, 49 cartons of foreign liquor, which included 1,043 bottles and 233 cans of beer, were found.

The police also seized a mobile phone worth ₹5,000 from the driver. Technical investigation of the device revealed that this car was given to him by Nayan alias Naresh Chaudhary Kherwada, who asked him to bring this car from the Vijayanagar border.

Chaudhary was piloting the car up to Kapadvanj, but he returned and told Godra to continue driving towards the toll plaza on the expressway towards Vadodara to deliver the liquor to a person named Munna.

Based on a complaint by the cybercrime police, Ahmedabad, Nadiad Town police registered a case against Chokhram Godra, Naresh Kherwada, and an individual named Munna.