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17 accused in Vadodara sent to judicial custody for cyber fraud

Updated: May 17th, 2024

Vadodara cyber fraud

After a cyber fraud nexus emerged from Vadodara involving a gang of 17 perpetrators, the accused have been sent to judicial custody today by the court.

In this case, a former company official was cheated of ₹94.18 lakh by being lured with the promise of making a hefty sum in the stock market through an online application called ‘Angel One’.

Originally from Andhra Pradesh, Ramakrishna Beduduri landed upon a Facebook advertisement regarding investing in the stock market and earning money. Upon clicking on it, he was added to a WhatsApp group.

He was subsequently asked to deposit a total of ₹94.18 lakh into different company accounts, against which a profit of ₹11.26 cr was reflected in his app wallet.

However, to withdraw this amount, a demand of ₹33 lakh at 3% was made, leading Beduduri to file a complaint with the cyber cell.

In this case, the cybercrime police arrested 17 accused from Vadodara and took them on a two-day remand.

Of the 17 accused, 11 were account holders, while the remaining six were agents. These agents worked at the behest of their mastermind. The agents were given a commission of ₹7,000 for a transaction of ₹5 lakh, while the account holders were given a commission of ₹5,000.

The members of this fraudulent gang are Abrar Khan Pathan (agent), Shahrukh Vohra (agent), Zarar Saudagar (agent), Adnan Shaikh (agent), Kabir Mansuri (agent), Sohil Shaikh (agent), Mir Salim, Wasim Belim, Mohammad Aftab Beg, Salim Shaikh, Liyaqat Shaikh, Mehboob, Shahrukh Dhobi, Sahil Sheikh, Iqtiyar Saiyed, Gomcy Dave, and Ramiz Qadri.

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